Neighborhood Nutrition Centers

Neighborhood Nutrition Centers provide communities locally farmed produce through direct partnerships with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farming programs; serve as a pick up/ delivery point for CSA produce; and provide bicycle delivery services to reach those with restricted mobility access and increase greater CSA participation.

Neighborhood Nutrition Centers house cooking facilities to be used for hands-on classes as well as provide opportunity for community neighbors to share their knowledge and cooking skills.  Nutrition centers also provide educational research and resource areas, and utilize backyard gardens to promote how individuals can successfully manage small urban growing areas.

Local jobs and neighborhood job training is provided through programming and operation of the centers, while delivery service programs provide employment for neighborhood youth and the under employed.

Through partnerships with schools, access to healthier snack choices as a supplement to lunch and after-school programs is provided, with centers serving as an excellent educational resource.

Neighborhood Nutrition Centers is a project of the Center for Economic Policy Analysis (CEPA), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.


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