Healthy South Chicago

Healthy South Chicago is a coalition made up of community residents, local services providers, agencies, organizations, businesses, and others interested in the health of the South Chicago community.

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South Chicago Community Area

Located on the southeast side of Chicago, South Chicago is located at the mouth of the Calumet River, and its neighbors include the community areas of South Shore, Avalon Park, Calumet Heights, East Side and South Deering.

The South Chicago community is the home of the first Mexican community in both Chicago and Illinois. It now has approximately 38,500 residents, of whom 68% are African American and 27% are Hispanic. Though difficult to measure, much evidence of an increasing undocumented immigrant population exists as well.

Starting in August 2001, Healthy South Chicago undertook a strategic planning process to identify resources and gaps in the community. Based on community members’ experiences, data that describe the community, and the availability of local resources, the coalition identified key areas of concern. Coalition members developed strategies to address the identified issues, and have now collaborated and formed new linkages to accomplish their goals.

Four workgroups have formed to focus on four key areas:

  • Facilitating access to health care
  • Promoting healthy behaviors
  • Fostering a positive community environment
  • Supporting community development

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