Healthy Albany Park

Healthy Albany Park is a community-based coalition working to improve the overall quality of life and well-being of the Albany Park community area.

Convened in April 2004, the coalition undertook a strategic planning process in which coalition members gathered data and resident input in order to identify resources, gaps and priority issues in the community. The coalition, working with the Albany Park Community, then developed strategies to address these issues in Albany Park. Coalition members now work in Action Area groups to implement these strategies.

The Action Area groups are:

and the secondary Action Areas of

The guiding strategy for these Action Area groups is to promote both cross-cultural understanding and interaction, as well as resident involvement in community planning and action.

Of particularly direct relevance to community food security initiatives, the Wellness Action Area focuses on both universal, equal access to care and healthy behaviors.

Key Strategy – to maximize the ability of Albany Park Residents to access health care services and minimize health care disparities and then to collaborate with other stakeholders to develop a plan to identify, educate, and promote healthy lifestyles.


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