Cob Connection

Cob Connection works to create food secure communities and healthy green space in low-income food deserts in inner city Chicago. They hire ex-offenders and others who are hard to employ, and teach them organic farming, tree stewardship and sustainable building techniques.

By providing education, marketable skills and a steady paycheck, we offer our interns the opportunity give back to the local economy. We also offer monthly workshops to members of the local food pantry, who have continual farm access to harvest fresh food for their families.

Cob Connection uses agroforestry and microenterprise to diversify neighborhood income strains while helping counteract the ecological, sociological and economic burdens of the barren urban heat island.

We draw our inspiration from cob, a traditional natural building material repurposed to address the pressing needs of modern society. Made from clay, sand and straw, cob is sustainable, durable, and accessible; it provides families with aesthetically beautiful, low cost, low tech shelter with minimal impact on the environment. Like the soil that feeds our crops, cob uses the substance of the earth to nurture and grow our communities.


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