Homemaking Skills Institute

Homemaking Skills Institutes’ goal is to help youth as well as mature adults develop their full potential in  personal and professional life, by increasing their basic survival and life skills that will create happiness and healthier families.

Our training programs help young people and adults to:

    • cook using natural ingredients
    • live heathy life styles
    • discover great tasting vegetables and fruit
    • desire to make healtheir choices in food
    • excersing for the fun of it
    • future leaders
    • teach others
    • and so much more

What to Expect:

  • We train youth and adults in the homemaking skills needed for healthy, productive lives
  • We have extensive experience working with disadvantaged people in urban areas
  • At-risk teens learn good eating habits and life skills
  • Adults in transition are trained for jobs in elder care, child care, food services, and similar businesses
  • Obese youth and adults lose weight and keep it off
  • We are a non-proft organization working hard to improve the lives of people in need

Life skills such as personal hygeine, cooking, cleaning, ironing, financial literacy, computer literacy, motivational skills, etc. to help adults to be equip as they grab another opportunity at life and survival.


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