Fresh Taste

Fresh Taste is a partnership born of learning, sharing, and the recognition of common interests by a group of foundations and the City of Chicago. Fresh Taste aims for a food system that is accessible to diverse communities, promotes environmental sustainability, and stimulates community and economic development across the region in rural communities, suburban areas and urban centers.

Fresh Taste is conceived as a catalytic process, rather than an implementing organization.  Our intent is to work collaboratively ourselves and support collaborative work among a diverse range of community-based non-profit organizations, private businesses and the public sector.

We aim to provide leadership that brings stakeholders interested in healthy food in Illinois together to stimulate deeper conversations and increased investments of time and money, leading ultimately to changes in the manner by which food is produced, distributed and consumed in Illinois.  These investments may be public, private and nonprofit, as the partners recognize that food system interventions require all three.

Our goal is to bring about change in the system as a whole, not in piecemeal projects.

We will:

  • Seek out promising opportunities for collaboration on significant food system issues
  • Convene dialogues to spark collaborative work where none is currently happening
  • Support research that will serve local food system initiatives
  • Develop initiative support strategies that include grantmaking, private investment, and public policy tools

Site includes:

  • Weekly food system news digests
  • Grants database
  • Job Opportunities

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