Little Village Environmental Justice Organization

Little Village Environmental Justice Organization:

Leadership Development for the Sustainable Self Determination of Little Village

We believe democracy means giving time and space for every voice to be heard and counted in everyday matters, full participation in all types of decision-making that affects our lives, and determining the future of our neighborhood and city.

We work to unite our community’s talents, assets, and power to build a society that treats all of us equally: no matter what race, culture, ethnicity, age, or gender we are. In Unity we have the strength to forge economic, environmental and social justice to overcome the barriers of poverty that surround us and build self-determination.

We work for justice at home and abroad, connecting our local struggle for democracy with the global one and live by the principle that, as working and poor people of color, we have the right to control our lives and resources.

Current Campaigns:

  • Clean Power – We seek clean power for Chicago, and want the two largest polluters (Crawford and Fisk Power Plants) in our backyard removed.
  • Leadership – Using the community resources to guide our way into the next generation, and beyond.
  • Open Spaces – Little Village, (95,000 residents), has been fighting for a park for over 10 years. In June ’07 the City of Chicago and Chicago Park District announced they would build a park on the Celotex Superfund toxic waste site. We want a SAFE park!
  • Public Transit – Works to improve fair access for all Chicagoland riders, but focuses special attention on helping transit dependent, low-income riders in Chicago’s poorer communities. A city that works, is a city serves the needs of ALL it’s riders.
  • Toxic Tours – Take a Toxic Tour of the former Celotex Superfund. See the danger in your own backyard – for real!
  • Urban GardeningPooling our common knowledge and interests, and working with Mother Earth to produce healthy and safe local food sources.
  • Water WarsA campaign to keep our water in public hands, and defend everyone’s right to safe, clean and affordable water.
  • Youth – Work on issues that support a fair environment for the community members. Some of the tools we use to combat these injustices are embracing our artistic abilities , making documentaries, videos, newsletters, and most important building ourselves into strong leaders through our community for our community.


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