Growing Power- Chicago

Growing Power is active in creating and maintaining green spaces in Chicago that thrive and grow because of the involvement of the local community. Our community gardens and urban farms aim to provide fresh produce to ‘food deserts,’ or neighborhoods that have limited access to healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables, while junk and fast food are abundant. All this is accomplished through youth engagement and education. Growing Power’s Youth Corp employs and trains at-risk teens, many who have grown up in such food deserts, in urban agriculture, creating new leaders for an evolving food movement.

Notable Chicago projects include the following: Grant Park Urban Agriculture Potager; Jackson Park Urban Farm and Community Allotment Garden; Fourth Presbyterian – Cabrini Green Community Partnership; Farm-City Market Basket Program, which distributes orders of weekly produce at 12 Chicago area sites; Winter hoophouse production constructed by staff; Compost facilities; Chicago Food Policy Advisory Council, which represents over 175 diverse stakeholders who are creating food policy advisements for city, state and federal policy makers.


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