Chicago Food Policy Advisory Council

The Chicago Food Policy Advisory Council is a network of organizations and individuals sharing their experiences and concerns about food security in the Chicago region in order to influence policy makers to make informed decisions motivated by the goals of community food security.

Since 2001, the Chicago Food Policy Advisory Council (CFPAC) has facilitated the development of responsible policies that improve access for Chicago residents to culturally appropriate, nutritionally sound, and affordable food that is grown through environmentally sustainable practices. The council utilizes consensus to establish a mission, organizational and operating structure, and outreach to ensure inclusive membership representing a cross section of Chicago’s residents. The council is also linked to a statewide network of councils organized by the Illinois Stewardship Alliance.

One of the core principles of the Chicago Food Policy Advisory Council is that policy recommendations be informed, if not formulated, by the very groups doing food-related work within Chicago’s neighborhoods.

The Neighborhood Councils consist of existing neighborhood groups and organizations that are working on food issues or are interested in addressing issues related to food deserts, food and fitness, economic development, climate change, regulations and other policies needing adjustment to promote food security. Neighborhood Councils can share their experiences, recommend city-wide policy changes to the CFPAC and ask for assistance in local advocacy and policy issues.

CFPAC has also launched a Youth Food Policy Council, open to any interested individuals aged 14-22.


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