Peapod is the nation’s largest online grocer. However, it has a long-standing commitment to the Chicago area, which is its headquarters. Peapod is excited to provide a leadership role in fighting diabetes and obesity. Its passion is helping children. This commitment is at the highest levels in the company. Peapod’s senior vice president and general manager, Scott DeGraeve, said in a statement, “There is an opportunity for Peapod to expand into new markets to respond to urgent needs and effect better outcomes for our children. We owe it to people living in food deserts to get involved.”

As Peapod is an online grocer that directly delivers to the customer’s home, it has a different operating model than traditional grocery stores. The areas Peapod serves must have strong Internet access and usage. Peapod adds service areas one Zip Code at a time and then serves that entire Zip Code. Peapod is actually already serving Zip Codes that include portions of the food desert. Furthermore, Peapod considers the provision of its online grocery service in these communities to also be an opportunity to provide local jobs.

Peapod will deliver fruit “baskets” to a distribution site for an organization/group/individual to distribute to residents. Each basket (8-10 pieces of fruit) costs $3.00. This includes tax and there is no delivery charge.


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